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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are just a few frequently asked questions that may help you.

  • How often should I download my Digicards and Vehicle Unit heads?

    By law you should download Digicards every 28 days and Vehcile Unit heads every 56 days but we recommend best practice of weekly (set date i.e. Friday) for Digicards and Monthly(set date i.e. 5th monthly) for vehicle heads, this will ensure good record keeping and allows oursoftware to create backups automatically of your data.

  • Is there different types of Digicards?

    Yes, there a 4 types;
    - Driver Card (to be carried by your drivers at all times and inserted in the Tacho head when on duty).
    - Company Card (allows you to download the data from the tacho head with a download tool).
    - Control Card (VOSA and Police enforcement officers carry these)
    - Workshop Card (Approved calibration centres use these).

  • How do I transfer my Digicard data and then get my analogue charts to you for analysis?

    We will provide you with our specific software which will allow you to download digicards and then send the data direct to us with minimal use by you. You can then choose whether to scan, post or simply deliver your charts to us for analysis.

  • Am I tied to a contract with you?

    No, we trust our service and always have. If, for whatever reason you wanted to tryelsewhere then its as simple as that!

  • I am not good with computers, will this be very complicated to operate?

    No, we have designed our software to be very simple with minimal interaction from you to allow you to do your own job!

Why choose us?

  • We’re a local ideally situated business.
  • Approachable, we explain all data & reports.
  • Contactable, no call centres straight to us!
  • We’re on your side and here to help you.
  • We have 40 years of experience.
  • Well respected by all, even competitors.

Client Testimonials

  • They organised, installed and prepared me for what I needed to do, superb.

    Gordon, Lockwinnoch Motors
  • They allow me to do my job and let me concentrate on my duties, brilliant service.

    Vincent Spalding, VS Transport
  • Tacho-Data Ltd provides unrivalled service, experience and keeps us legal.

    Darren Gardner, DDG Transport