New & Innovative Tachograph Analysis Systems designed for both Digital & Analogue charts. Straight forward

Straight forward costing—from £1 per driver per week (no hidden costs)

tacho data limited

Over 30 years experience in Tachograph Analysis.

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The How To Guide

Downloading the Tacho head, it’s a simple process but if the steps are not followed correctly it will not work!

  • Step 1 – Turn ignition on (some vehicles may just need battery lights on)
  • Step 2 – Insert company card into slot 1 of Tacho head and wait for company name to load up
  • Step 3 – Insert download tool into Tacho head.

Downloading your drivers digicards, when using our software it could not be simpler.

  • Open our bespoke uploading software then insert your digicard into the card reader and our software will send the data from the digicard automatically and directly to our secure server ready for analysis.
  • There is no need to email, manually upload or log in with annoying and frustrating passwords
  • Simply insert the digicard let us do the rest.

Read and action our reports, we know you are busy and clear and consistent reporting is a must. We will help you read, action and understand the reports we will not just send generic reports that read like a knitting pattern.

Help reduce infringements, with our proactive approach and detailed bespoke reports I am 100% confident we will help reduce infringements are therefore help keep you or get you compliant!

Compliance, the fines, fixed penalties and prohibitions can be extreme so use us and our experience to stay or get complaint!

Best Practice, a very under rated service; by passing on best practice and interpretation of the rules means we all benefit from owner drivers to multinational companies.

Why choose us?

  • We’re a local ideally situated business.
  • Approachable, we explain all data & reports.
  • Contactable, no call centres straight to us!
  • We’re on your side and here to help you.
  • We have 40 years of experience.
  • Well respected by all, even competitors.

Client Testimonials

  • They organised, installed and prepared me for what I needed to do, superb.

    Gordon, Lockwinnoch Motors
  • They allow me to do my job and let me concentrate on my duties, brilliant service.

    Vincent Spalding, VS Transport
  • Tacho-Data Ltd provides unrivalled service, experience and keeps us legal.

    Darren Gardner, DDG Transport